Farmington Underground

Puzzle 1

You weren’t necessarily looking for adventure today when you stepped outside for a walk, but adventure seems to have found you...

Puzzle 2

You have completed your task, and while you feel an odd sense of fulfillment, nothing seems to have happened. You aren’t really sure what you were expecting. Perhaps you were hoping for one of the park’s many trees to start glowing, or to hear a message whispered by the wind. But nothing happens. Even the air is still. The stagnation makes you a little antsy, so you decide to look around thinking that you might have missed something.

Puzzle 3

You’ve made it to your destination safely thanks to your disguise. Looking at it, you can’t possibly see how this ordinary bus stop is connected to the Mysterious Maple. You wonder if you’re supposed to get on the next bus and ride it to the end of the line, or wait here for a stranger to get off and deliver your next clue.

Getting Started

The Inventor's Treasure Hunt

This is it, buried treasure, here in Farmington. You cannot believe what you are looking at. Well, wait. Should you believe what you are looking at? This looks like a note from famous inventor, Chester Greenwood, known for inventing the ear muffs, and living his life here in Farmington: