The Inventor's Treasure Hunt

Written on 05/01/2021
Joseph Musumeci

This is it, buried treasure, here in Farmington. You cannot believe what you are looking at. Well, wait. Should you believe what you are looking at? This looks like a note from famous inventor, Chester Greenwood, known for inventing the ear muffs, and living his life here in Farmington:

August 11th, 1907

The rumors have found their way to me about a secret treasure. Most believe it to be just that, a rumor, a legend, not necessarily based in truth. Although my imagination runs wild with the possibilities of finding it - books that are said to hold the knowledge of a lost technology. Being an inventor my entire life, I always feel so intrigued at the thought of finding something new, solving a puzzle that will help my fellow neighbors. As I stand here in my hometown of Farmington, I could not think of a better place to start my search. There is plenty of history here and it makes sense this is where the treasure could be…


The note certainly talks about treasure, of sorts - a lost technology? It all sounds a little unreal to you. But no one has touched this note, or the box it was in, for years. You might be the first one to actually have found it. There must be more to it all.

Along with the note is a map and an old newspaper. Maybe these also have to do with the treasure. You stop and wonder if Mr. Greenwood ever found it, and come to the conclusion there is only one way to find out now:



The Newspaper