Puzzle 3

You’ve made it to your destination safely thanks to your disguise. Looking at it, you can’t possibly see how this ordinary bus stop is connected to the Mysterious Maple. You wonder if you’re supposed to get on the next bus and ride it to the end of the line, or wait here for a stranger to get off and deliver your next clue.

Either way, you decide to have a seat on the bench while you wait, but before you do, you notice words carved into it. You see the phrase “the Mystery is Rooted in the Bedrock of History” as well as a list of words underneath it:

            Time Capsule



            Civil War


At first glance, it doesn’t make much sense. You decide to ignore the first item on the list since it’s crossed out, but even then, you’re still puzzled. You look at the phrase again. The “Mystery” is probably the Mysterious Maple, you assume, but “the Bedrock of History” is new. Is there some sort of stone involved?

You look back at the list, starting with the first item that isn’t crossed off. You seem to remember a sort of monument to Orono’s namesake that is certainly a historical stone. You think it is about a quarter mile from here down Main St., in front of an apartment building and a gazebo.  With little else to go off of, you decide to start here as you continue your search.

When you get to the Orono Monument, you see an envelope delicately placed upon the stone base. Without hesitating, you open it up to find a note neatly tucked inside:

Decipher the note, follow its instructions, then take your photo and save it for the end - Photo #3.

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