Puzzle 2

You have completed your task, and while you feel an odd sense of fulfillment, nothing seems to have happened. You aren’t really sure what you were expecting. Perhaps you were hoping for one of the park’s many trees to start glowing, or to hear a message whispered by the wind. But nothing happens. Even the air is still. The stagnation makes you a little antsy, so you decide to look around thinking that you might have missed something.

You notice a piece of paper on one of the benches. You’re almost positive that it wasn’t there before. You try to read the note, but it’s, strangely, a little soggy, making the ink on the page run. As you try to decipher the smudged words, you start to feel like you’re being watched. You whip your head around to see who might be there, but you don’t see anyone. You see a shape move in your peripheral vision, but when you turn to look, all you can see is a small ripple on the surface of Stillwater River. You decide to ignore it for now and go back to the note.

You’re able to make out the words “Bus Stop” and “Downtown” and figure that it’s trying to tell you your next destination. You make your way to a bus stop you know of nearby, but you can’t quite shake the feeling of eyes on the back of your neck. Maybe there’s a way for you to conceal your identity and avoid suspicion.

Find the bus stop. Use at least one method of concealing your identity (hood, scarf, sunglasses, etc.). 

Then take your photo and save it for the end - Photo #2.


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