Puzzle 1

You weren’t necessarily looking for adventure today when you stepped outside for a walk, but adventure seems to have found you...

It begins as you pass by a row of umbrella-covered tables set up outside the local café and overhear someone’s conversation. They’re talking about strange things, like a tree hidden somewhere in town that can channel the beyond. You don’t think much of it at first until a gust of wind nearly blows you off your feet, pushing you back towards the café. The wind’s strength makes you feel compelled to ask the café patrons more about this apparently magic tree, but when you turn around, you see that they’ve vanished, almost like they had been swept away by the wind.

They seem to have left a map behind, so you decide to take a look, hoping for some sort of clue. It’s difficult to tell without the streets labeled, but it looks like a map of Orono. You think you recognize some of the landmarks on it and see a star scribbled over one location in particular. With nothing else to go off of, you snap a picture of the map with your phone and head off in search of the so-called Mysterious Maple.

On the bottom of the map, you see written "between stone and tree there will be 6 feet."  Maybe there is some kind of stone object, like a statue or a bench, distanced 6 feet away from a tree at this location? If so, you think you should probably get a picture with it for further research.

View guidelines below, then take your photo and save it for the end.

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Picture Submission Guidelines

  • Make sure you are visible
  • Make sure we can tell you are in the correct location
  • You will submit all 5 of your pictures at once after the adventure is over, just make sure you have followed all of the guidelines above!
  • Photos are emailed to escape@farmingtonunderground.com