Puzzle 5

After completing the challenge, you wait patiently for the next clue. After all, it doesn’t seem to make itself known right away, but as more time passes, you start to feel yourself lose hope. You look out across the calm waters of Stillwater River, searching for something, anything.

At this point, you’re almost hoping to see whatever followed you to the bus stop. But nothing. Not until you feel a strong gust of wind, just as determined and insistent as the one that started you on your journey. It kicks up fallen leaves on its way north, dragging them along the riverbank, and you find yourself pulled along with them. In the back of your mind, you remember the list from the bus stop.

Time Capsule.    Orono.    Jacobs.    Civil War.

You’re pretty sure there’s a Civil War monument in Riverside Cemetery. It’s in the very direction you’re heading, and you know that this is no accident.


Upon your arrival at the monument - 
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