Puzzle 4

While you feel a little more informed about the town and its history, something in your gut tells you that you’ve somehow gone astray on your search for the Mysterious Maple. You try to look around the monument for another clue or at least a hint, but it isn’t long before you start to think that you’ve reached a dead end.

You turn to head home, but are stopped when you see a figure in the near distance. As she gets closer, you start to recognize her as one of the customers from the café. She stops several feet in front of you and holds up a small piece of paper in her hand before letting go of it, letting the wind take it. You scramble to catch it before it floats away, and once it’s safely in your hands, you find that she has once again vanished. There isn’t much to be done about it, so you look at the note. The edges of the paper are charred like it was held over a candle, but the words on it are intact.


The note is unsettling to say the least. You decide to focus on the numbers at the top for now. You’re no expert, but they look almost like coordinates. Beneath the ominous message is a strange image that looks almost like an encryption of some kind. Maybe solving it at the next location will tell you what to do.

Then take your photo and save it for the end - Photo #4.


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